Aug 13 2019

Storm Preparedness

Storm Preparedness:

Living in Louisiana can be stressful when the Gulf waters warm.  Here are some helpful tips to keep your pet safe and help get a plan in case bad weather arises.

First Aid Kit:  Include your pet’s medication if any, including enough food, water, and clean up material ready for transport.  (newspaper/towels).  Put the kids to work and pull out the old pet taxi’s.

Pet identification (microchipping) reassurance in case your pet gets lost.  Local shelters and veterinary clinics/hospitals often have universal scanners to ID pets.  Make sure the information associated with the chip is current.

Heat stroke avoidance: if your pet will have to be kept outside days following a storm.  Shade and cool water are essential.  It will take several days for older, sick, and very young pets to get used to extreme temps.

Some safe over the counter medication Benadryl for allergic reactions and sometimes sedative effects (1mg/lb)  i.e 25 lb= Give 1,  25 mg tablet.  Upset stomach give Pepcid AC or famotidine 25 lb animal can received 5-10 mg.

Emily Burke, DVM

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