Boarding Available

St. Francis Veterinary Hospital is equipped with over forty kennels and 7 large runs to house your pets if you need to board them for any reason. Short-term and long-term is available for both cats and dogs. We can accomodate any size dog, from Pekignese to Pyrenese. All our kennels are completely indoors and climate-controlled, both for your pet’s comfort and to help prevent the spread of infectious diseases. We offer a private, fenced-in walking area where your dog is walked three times a day (twice daily on weekends). You can truly enjoy your vacation knowing your pet is receiving five-star care and close, professional attention.

Boarding an older pet or one with medical issues can be a difficult affair. Our team is dedicated to minimizing the stress that can arise and providing the safest, healthiest environment possible. Pets staying with us eat a prescription diet food from Purina designed to meet all nutritional needs without upsetting stomachs. Since stress can often cause digestive trouble, our diet plan can keep your pet regular and comfortable throughout his/her stay. We can also give any medication or perform any treatment needed.* And rest assured, if any problems are detected, our doctors will quickly assess the situation to determine the best course of action.

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