Dental Care

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Proper dental care is an important aspect of pet health. If a dog or cat has a diseased and painful tooth, it cannot communicate its pain to its caregiver. That’s why as veterinarians, we have to be proactive in identifying dental problems so that a pet doesn’t suffer needlessly.

By the time a dog or cat has reached the age of 3, over 75 % have dental disease in the form of tartar accumulation and gingivitis. We practice proactive dental medicine for the comfort, health and well-being of your pet. Starting with the 1st puppy and kitten visits, we evaluate the teeth and make recommendations based on our findings. Your pet’s teeth are re-evaluated at every semi-annual exam to identify and treat any new dental problems that have arisen since the last visit.

The dental services we provide include:

  • complete oral exam to identify pathology
  • teeth cleaning and polishing
  • digital dental x-rays
  • tooth extractions
  • oral surgery
  • teeth-saving procedures
  • referrals for root canals, endodontic and orthodontic procedures

Your pet should be fasted for 10-12 hours prior to having its teeth cleaned. Anesthesia is required for proper oral examination and treatment. The anesthetic protocol that we use if very safe. Our patients are closely monitored by both a technician as well as monitoring equipment while under anesthesia.


We perform dental procedures on all ages – from puppies that are several months old to cats that are twenty plus years of age. Our dental procedures are performed in the morning so that our patients can go home in the afternoon and don’t have to spend a night away from home.

If your dog or cat has noticably bad breath, has swelling under the eye on one side of the face, drops food when eating, or has a diminished appetite, call our office to schedule an examination.