Laboratory Services

A comprehensive physical exam provides our doctors with a lot of information about your pet’s general health. Often, however, more information is needed in order to obtain a diagnosis and provide appropriate treatment for sick patients. At St. Francis Veterinary Hospital, our laboratory is equipped to provide the following diagnostic tests:

  • fox-terrier-164373_1280canine and feline heartworms
  • fecal analysis for intestinal┬áparasites
  • canine pancreatitis
  • feline immunodeficiency virus (AIDS)
  • feline leukemia virus
  • skin fungal culture
  • Giardia
  • canine parvovirus
  • complete blood count
  • chemistry panel
  • urinalysis
  • packed cell volume and total protein
  • ear cytology
  • reproductive cytology
  • sample prep for outside lab testing